Adult Tap

Have you always wanted to tap dance?  Are you looking for a new form of exercise?  Join us in learning interesting rhythms, steps, and combinations in a positive and non-threatening atmosphere.  Focus is on clarity, intricacy, and FUN!  Low heeled tap shoes are preferred.

We offer a FREE 15-minute private TAP lesson to new tap students who start during Winter or Spring Session.  We also offer a 20-minute tap lesson for $15 (up to 3 people) anytime throughout each session.  For those who wish to practice at home, video taping is allowed at certain times during class.

Adult Jazz

Does dancing make you happy? Are you looking for a fantastic workout with upbeat music and fun people? If so, Jazz is for you! This class offers an intense and challenging warm up with focus on strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility! Various across the floor combinations will be learned as well as routines.

Brain Train (COMING SOON!)

Over and over, studies are proving that DANCE is the best form of exercise for the aging brain. This new class will work your brain and your body while having fun with like-minded people. The music will be upbeat and several routines will be learned each week with a lot of repetition. The class level will suit the needs of people who have danced before, as well as those who are brand new to the world of dance. All you need is a pair of lightweight tennis shoes and workout clothes.

Detailed Class Information

Spring 2019 Class Schedule & Pricing

Summer 2019 Class Schedule & Pricing

Sweet Feet Class Descriptions

To register for a class please email Tracy ( and pay by check.  Include the class you are registering for, as well as a contact phone number and email address.

Please mail your check to:

Sweet Feet
5845 Strawberry Lane
Excelsior, MN  55331
Once registered for a class, there are no refunds.  A credit toward another class will be offered if for some reason you’re unable to complete a session.
Class Cards
If you’d like to take a class but are unable to take a full session, class cards are available.  You may purchase either four or eight classes at a time and use them at your leisure during the current session.  For current class card prices, please see the class schedule and pricing above.